How to... skin icing

Skin icing is an ancient beauty practice originating from across Russia, Korea and Iran. It's very easy to do, and super beneficial to the skin; tightening pores, improving circulation, de-puffing eyes and helping to prevent signs of ageing. Kate Moss does it every day, and if it's good enough for Mossy, then we're in too.

Here's how to do it....

- The day before make up a tray of ice cubes - pop in a mint leaf to each cube (other herbs will have different benefits, but we love mint as it's so refreshing, ice cubes made of green tea are are fab)

- The next morning cleanse skin as normal (we love Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser)

- Wrap two of your mint ice cubes in a thin washcloth, and allow to stand for 3 mins as the ice begins to melt (never apply the ice direct to the skin)

- Start to apply the washcloth to different areas of your face and hold for one or to minutes (you'll know what feels right for you). Then move the ice cubes gently with circular movements up along the chin and jaw line, up the cheeks, along the forehead and down your nose. 

- Finish by holding the washcloth gently under each eye and hold for two minutes, and gently pat dry the skin

- FInish with your normal facial routine Indie Lee Co-Q10 Toner, and then The Body Deli Creme de la Rose Creme work brilliantly.

Your skin should now feel amazing, as circulation improves, any inflammations are reduced and pores become all lovely and tight.

Happy icing all!