Bananas are great in a morning smoothie, perfect as an after exercise energy boost. But it's time to stop just eating bananas and start putting them on your face. Bananas are hot to be the next big thing in beauty. Here's why...


1. A bit of history. The banana tree has been used for thousands of years for its healing and soothing properties. Referred to as Kadali in Sanskrit, the ancient Indian language, the banana tree is, in the Hindu tradition, an embodiment of Lakshmi, the goddess of beauty. This giant tropical plant, known as the Tree of a Thousand Uses, holds a special place in the traditional medicine of tropical and sub-tropical countries.

2. Anti-Ageing power house. There are anti-oxidant and anti-ageing benefits to the extracts of both green and yellow bananas. One of our new brands Kadalys contains the key ingredient Muscatif and which has been clinically proven to boost collagen levels in the skin and to increase skin’s thickness. 

3.  Green Banana. Not so nice to eat. But in the right hands, the green banana becomes a super star skin care ingredient. Rich in antioxidants, Vitamin E and Omega 9. This balanced combination helps to neutralise free radicals and preserve the skin's elasticity and natural moisture content.

4. Yellow Banana. With a high content of phytosterol, polyphenol, vitamin E and Omega 6 and 3; this neutralises free radicals and provides unique regenerating, restructuring and nourishing properties. Tests have shown that these ingredients stimulate natural collagen production, increase epidermal thickness and protect the skin against free radicals. 

5. Get it on. So you can see why we were SO excited to discover the Kadalys range, one of France's most award winning skincare lines that uses these power players in their range of skincare, haircare and lipcare. Our faves are the shimmering body oil, and of course, cult favourite Banana Balm. Here's a sneak preview....full range to launch later this month.