Antibacterial Gloves Pack of 50

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Beautiful results for...

 • Adjustable Fit + Disposable

• Safe For Food Use

• Powder-Free

• Allergy-Free

• Ambidextrous

• Embossed Material

• Clear Colour

How it works


How to use it

Change gloves regularly to help prevent contamination

How to Use

  1. Stretch the wrist area of the glove to tighten the fit around your hand and wrist.
  2. Control the tightness of the wrist band by pulling and stretching into place.
  3. The tightened glove prevents food, dirt and excess particles from getting into your hands.

Use and Care

• Keep away from heat sources.

• Keep away from sharp objects.

• Dry your hands before use.


Sorry No Returns Can Be Accepted Whatsoever On This Product Owing To Hygiene Reasons

What's inside

Pack of 50 simple polythene antibacterial gloves.

We have mixed feelings on these. We recognise the need to protect right now, hence the sale of these polythene gloves. But we are not keen on the polythene, sorry!

Beauty duty

Family health protection. 

  • 50 polythene gloves