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BLEU Body Wax

by Khus Khus

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BLEU Body Wax

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Serious hydration in the form of a concentrated oil, can be used through the day as a perfume, and aromatherapy treatment. Solid at room temperature once applied to the body the condensed oil becomes fluid and allows for deep hydration and skin softening effects to take place. Perfect to use post shower or bath when the skin is warm. 

Skin Conditions: Dry, inflamed, red, irritated, normal, combination, sensitive, eczema, anti-ageing, acne, oily, stretch marks.

Botanical Therapeutic Actions: Besides the most amazing intoxicating scent! This deeply nourishing, hydrating and luminous oil will create lovely, luscious, skin. Monoi de Tahiti sourced from France, an ancient Tahitian oil scented by the Tiare flower widely used among the French Polynesians for skin and hair enhancement.

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How it works

+ Blue Tansy well known for its vivid blue colour created by its azulene content which assists in its strong anti­-inflammatory abilities.

+ Blue Yarrow highly prized for its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties which contribute to its great affinity with skin problems. Soothing irritated skin, good for eczema + sensitive skin that tends to have allergies.

+ Baobab oil high in vitamins A, E, and F and high in sterols making it an excellent anti-aging skin healing oil. Assisting in diminishing fine lines + wrinkles, reducing scarring and stretch marks. Non­ greasy and fast absorbing qualities.

+ Babassu a very emollient oil that quickly absorbs nicely into the skin. Works well on dry, and oily skin, it provides a protective barrier against environmental damage and pollution.

+ Marula oil this omega-rich oil has been used by African women for centuries, highly regarded for its anti­ ageing capabilities, as well as high levels of antioxidants. A natural skin protectant of free radicals.

Energetics: Uplifting, cooling, soothing. Helps to balance energy and cleanse nervous tension.

How to use it

Apply liberally to body, long strokes, preferably toward the heart to stimulate lymph movement. Can also be reapplied throughout the day to receive aromatherapy therapeutic benefits as well as smelling amazing. A little goes a long way.

What's inside

monoi de tahiti + blue tansy + blue yarrow

marula + baobab + babassu

Beauty duty

Khus Khus use nothing but 100% botanical ingredients, nothing harmful, formulated for particular actions. We formulate to assist the body in calming the nervous system and enhancing the skin this also assist in the regulation of the immune system, we believe plants heal, that is healthy plants heal. Phyto-Medicine is the future of health and skin care.

KHUS+KHUS use miron violet glass bottles to keep our ingredients fresh, and craft our oils from the highest quality plants available. Formulas are non-GMO, 99% organic,100% plant based & made with love.


    • * cocos nucifera (coconut oil),adansonia digitata (baobab seed oil),+sclerocarya birrea (marula oil),,*tanacetum annuum (blue tansy),*achillea millefolium (blue yarrow),+gardenia tahitensis (tiare flower)*cera alba (beeswax) non-gmo vitamin E oil mixed tocopherols

    • NON­-GMO Certified *denotes organic + sustainably wild harvested


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