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Enfleuria Botanical Fragrance

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Enfleuria a new fragrance from Josh.

Beautiful results for...

Real gardenia enfleurage • Floral notes with hints of sweet jasmine, heady bergamot and citrus blossom that warms into an amber finish • The scent of rose and neroli

Enfleuria fragrance oil is both delicate and daring, subtle and charismatic. Real gardenia enfleurage unfolds into crisp green meadows revealing light, floral notes with hints of sweet jasmine, heady bergamot and citrus blossom that softens effortlessly into a warm, amber finish. Enfleurage is an 18th-century French technique used to extract the aromatic compounds from flowers using plant oils. The delicate gardenia base of this fragrance oil is hand-crafted through the process of enfleurage.

Enfleuria is a perfume oil, so a little goes a long way. The glass 15ml bottle dispenses carefully with a metal rollerball, to ensure an even distribution of this mood-enhancing natural fragrance.

Q&A from the creator, Josh Rosebrook:

What inspired you to create a Josh Rosebrook perfume? “When I began working on this perfume oil, my vision was to create a true gardenia fragrance. Real gardenia oil is not only difficult to source and time consuming to extract but it’s an extremely delicate fragrance to build aromatic accords with. I embraced the challenge wholeheartedly. Pure gardenia enfleurage is singularly unique as it contains all three notes: top, middle and base. In order to create a captivating perfume, complimentary aromas must lend support and accentuate one another for a dynamic, innovative, well-rounded fragrance. I created nearly two hundred different iterations of this perfume — evolving and crafting the aroma to what I knew would be this entirely beautiful composition unlike any perfume on the market today. Creating this fragrance oil was a huge part of my life for a year. I hope you can feel the love, integrity, and dedication from which it was made.” - Josh Rosebrook

What's inside

A proprietary blend of certified organic and wildcrafted essential oils, extracts and absolutes in a base of certified organic grape oil.Beauty duty

Josh’s vision is to give people the finest, natural, best skin and haircare imaginable. The Josh Rosebrook range is hand-crafted in small batches with the highest quality all-natural and organic botanical extracts. The products are supremely effective and pure, with a maximum of botanical extracts and active ingredients. No animal testing, parabens, sulfates, petro-chemicals. No synthetic ingredients, preservatives, colours, fillers, fragrances or GMOs. 

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