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Herbal Face Oil

by Marina Miracle

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Herbal Face Oil

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Herbal Face Oil is a nutritious and moisturising facial oil that balances the skin. It has a very pleasant texture and a subtle soothing lavender fragrance. The face oil draws in quickly and protects and binds skin moisture. The skin is left soft, balanced and with a healthy glow.

For Normal / Combination Skin (works really well to hydrate combination skin, the oil is so light it sinks in beautifully - a face oil or people who aren't normally into face oils kinda thing). 


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How it works

○ Balances combination skin and moisturizes dry skin

○ Removes fine lines and gives a healthy glow

○ Sooths irritated skin and eczema

How to use it

Use the facial oil every morning and evening. Our face oil can replace cream, but can also be used as a serum under a cream. Follow these 3 simple steps every morning and evening for a perfect result:

1. Wash your face perfectly clean

2. Turn the bottle upside down and shake the bottle well

3. Drip 4-6 drops in your hand and apply the product

What's inside

Fine herbs, jojoba, avocado, raspberry and aloe vera gives the skin deep nourishment without being oily or clogging pores. 

Beauty duty

Marina Miracle never uses parabens, fragrances, mineral oils or other synthetic additives. They use organic certified ingredients from eg Debio and Ecocert. Our products are not tested on animals and we stand on animal protection green, safe lists of cosmetics.



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