Why Avocado oil is a must have ingredient in your beauty routine

Avocado is easily one of the most popular fruits of this generation and we have been seeing it crop up everywhere. From being displayed all over social media in people’s diets to being smothered on faces! Our brunch simply wouldn’t be without it, but the avocado isn’t just for cooking with! Whether you love or hate this creamy fruit, there is no denying its super powers. It is packed full of healthy fats, vitamins and antioxidants plus it is super versatile. Here we explore the benefits of avocado in your beauty routine and share our top 3 favourite products.


Promotes healthy hair

If you suffer specifically from dry, damaged hair then avocado is your knight in shining armour. Packed full of biotin which is a B-complex vitamin known for increasing follicle growth and stimulating keratin production, it will help get your hair back on track to looking lustrous again.  

Studies have also shown it has a positive effect on those with hair loss and dry scalp issues. You could opt for using an avocado oil-based product or go down the DIY route with a make it yourself hair mask. Definitely more faff involved with that either way we are confident it will make a difference to how your hair looks and feels!


Anti-ageing benefits

As our skin ages we tend to experience a loss of firmness, and fine lines become more prominent. Avocados have incredible regenerative properties; the high levels of nutritional fatty acids and antioxidants is exactly what our skin needs for optimum health. Being crammed full of Vitamin E and A means they help minimise the signs of ageing and are responsible for effective cell repair and turnover. Day by day and with consistent use, you can expect Avocado oil to help attain glowing, younger and healthier looking skin.


Strengthens nails

Dry, brittle nails are something of a frustration for many and the chances are you may have looked into various solutions. For a super quick and easy remedy, avocado oil is definitely worth a try. The abundance of plant protein and fatty acids have been shown to improve the overall health of the nail and surrounding skin, leading to the repair and turnaround of damage. For best results apply directly to the nail twice a day.


Soothes damaged skin

Avocado oil is the one you want when faced with dry, chapped and inflamed skin. It has extremely moisturising, anti-inflammatory properties and can help relieve your skin from a number of issues such as eczema and sunburn. It’s brilliant for sealing moisture into the skin, meaning that it can drastically aid in healing and reducing the appearance of scars. As mentioned previously, regular application of avocado oil will accelerate the turnover of cells and will repair damage on the surface and within the deeper layers of the skin.

We are big advocates of avocado oil here at ABW, it is a complete replenishing treat for our skin, hair and body. There are benefits to using it in all forms but we personally love using it in our skincare, blended with other ingredients. Here are 3 products we love that are rich in avocado oil but are combined with other beneficial botanical oils to deliver outstanding results.


Indie Lee Daily Skin Nutrition

This is a beautifully lightweight but nutrient dense moisturiser. Specifically designed to improve the skin barrier and protect against environmental aggressors.  The blend of oils work in synergy with each other, providing intense nourishment in a fluid base that absorbs easily into the skin.

Josh Rosebrook Active Infusion Serum


This is a complete regenerating serum which supports overall skin health. It has an abundance of anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that help keep skin calm and clear. This is your one stop shop kind of treatment serum!

Feed your Youth Hair Oil

We absolutely love this pre-shampoo treatment oil for restoring and maintaining healthy hair. The gorgeous blend of botanicals leaves hair super soft without weighing it down and it magically manages to detoxify your hair of any build up in the process!