What are EGF? (Epidermal_Growth_Factors)



At abeautifulworld we firmly believe that 'natural' skincare can be as effective, if not more so, than it's synthetic counterparts. We are constantly looking for the latest and greatest innovations in skincare that push the boundaries of natural science.

One area that we've seen some really exciting work is around EGF or Epidermal Growth Factors. Their use originates from modern medicine where a polypeptide (or molecular chain of amino acids) was developed to speed up the recovery of wounds. The EGF stimulates the skin growth at this cellular level. 

When used in skincare which has been developed with medical and aesthetic professionals, skin can harness superior nutritive benefits and cycles in healthy, youthful skin cells, while activating the production of tissues and healthy collagen found in younger skin structures.

We've been using the new YULI Ambrosia, which contains EGF, at ABW for the last two months, and we have seen some amazing results. Skin is more radiant, plumper and younger looking. It's genius.