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Summers Coolest HairStyle


Perfect for hot city days, or post beach bars, the coolest look this summer is slicked back. 

This style works on most hair length/types and it's really easy to do. Here's how;

1. Apply Yarok Feed Your Sunshine Hair Treatment from roots to end to DRY hair. Leave for five mins (or sit with it on your hair in the sun, the heat will help it absorb). 

2. Wash hair with Josh Rosebrook Nourish Shampoo and Conditioner. The Nourish uses natural cleansers coupled with essential oil, active antioxidants and vital vitamins to gentle cleanse the hair without stripping it's natural oils.

3. Towel dry and apply Yarok Feed Your Roots from roots to tips (it comes in a handy 2oz size which is perfect for holidays). While hair is still wet apply a small amount of Josh Rosebrook Styling cream to your hairline around your forehead and down to your ears. Use a come to take the product about three inches back. 

4. Then to mattify and add texture to the ends take Yarok Feed Your Hold hairspray. Tip your head upside down and spray liberally into mid lengths and ends. Blast with a hair dryer, 'scrunch' with your hands to create movement. While your hair is upside down take a comb and lightly back comb around the crown. Then flip your hair up again. The idea is to create messy, beach look hair with a bit of lift at the front.

5. Finish by styling into place. Take a tiny amount of Yarok Feed Your Shine, 'clap' it over your plans to finely distribute it, the use your fingers to pull the hair back and away from your face creating a beautiful slicked back summer look.