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Spring Summer Hair Trends 2017

The Spring/Summer collections at Fashion Week saw a beautiful collection of stunning new hair trends; from gentle textures, to precision pleats. Here's our summary of the new season looks and how to create them;

1. Free spirited texture

- Spritz Josh Rosebrook Lift into the roots and gently dry the hair with a diffusor, as you do spray Josh Rosebrook Hairspray into the mid length and ends, gently twist into the hair to create natural texture

2. Low slung braid

- Apply Yarok Feed Your Ends to damp hair then dry using a gently diffusor. Work Yarok Feed Your Hold though the length of the hair and taking random sections use a curler to create waves. Create a low pony, secure, then plait the lower section, and secure. Gently pull the plait apart to create a slightly looser look, fix with an additional spritz of Yarok Feed Your Hold

3. Textured fringe

- A move away from the blunt cut fringe to something with way more movement and texture. You'll ideally need a bit of a natural wave to really nail this look. Apply Yarok Feed Your Curls to wet hair, then scrunch dry to keep some definition in your curls. Finger dry the front section, wrapping sections around your finger and pulling down to bring that texture through to the long length fringe.

4. Sleek Pleat

Dry hair, apply GM Reverie MILK anti-frizz treatment thoughout the hair, then straighten. Divide your hair into three section. Warm a small amount of GM Reverie RAKE in the palm of your hand, sooth the front middle section back and down, then wrap the left section under the right, secure with hidden pins. This might take a few attempts, and help from a friend to get it perfect... but it's worth the effort.

5. Undone done

Really easy this one. Apply Josh Rosebrook Lift to roots and dry hair upside down to create some natural volume, pull hair into a loose low pony, secure, and then pull half of the hair back through to create a casual loop, fix with Josh Rosebrook hairspray