Spotlight on Yuli Skincare

Yuli skincare is leading the way in showing the world exactly how powerful plants can be and that ‘green beauty’ can be innovative, effective and modern. Something we see so often is that consumers usually fall into 2 camps when it comes to skincare products. Those who advocate manmade, synthetic and chemically formulated products vs those who prioritise natural, green and clean. There have been many misconceptions, often that natural means ineffective; but what about when science meets nature? Here is where Yuli comes in…

Cutting edge, advanced cosmeceutical skincare technology, born from nature’s finest organic ingredients, combines the best parts of science and nature to create a line of curated, uncompromisingly high quality, high-end skincare. If you haven’t found your best skin yet, then maybe Yuli Skincare is what you are looking for.

Founder Yun Li set about creating the line after failing to find brands that focus on skin health as the priority, without cutting corners. Her affliction with severe acne led her to trying prescription medication that simply didn’t produce the results she was looking for. This, and her love for botanicals, inspired her to utilise her knowledge, beliefs and experience to create a line that fills a gap in the market.

Yun Li and her co-founder pulled together a group of Silicon Valley educated - New York based individuals who would help them to achieve superior results from both a business and skincare perspective. Botanists, former investment bankers and consultants, nutritional scientists and chemists were assembled to form a results driven dream team.

Their ideal consumer? One who wants to invest in their skin and achieve targeted results, yet cares about what they are putting on their skin. Yuli is the epitome of what modern skincare means. To formulate skincare that stands out heads above the rest, delivering advanced skin technologies without compromising the skin or our environment. From ethical and sustainable production methods, to sourcing natural, revolutionary bio active ingredients, this brand is a purposeful investment.

Let us introduce you to some of our favourite products…


Liquid Courage

This nutrition dense, seed derived antioxidant serum is more of a 3 in 1 powerhouse – an Antioxidant Serum, Vitamin C Serum and a Facial Oil. It works in a variety of ways with the ultimate end goal being to restore a healthy skin function. Its formulation fights against environmental damage, whilst reducing the effects of stress and fatigue aggressors, to restore and defend the skin.

If you are looking for a top performing, highly active product, which combats signs of ageing, accelerates repair and strengthens the skin barrier, restores glow and a level of clarity, then Liquid Courage would be it.

Cocoon Elixir

When you need comfort and something restorative, this soothing facial mist has your back. It wraps the skin in a protective veil of humectants, anti-inflammatories and micro biome regulators, all of which restore moisture levels and care for irritated, reactive skin. This is fantastic to use, before serums and moisturisers, to lock in hydration and improve skin condition.

If you have ever overlooked a facial mist regarding it as a ‘nice to have’ rather than a ‘need to have’, then this mist may make you think again. Being water free it penetrates deep within the skin layers as opposed to just reaching surface level. This will provide an immediate and long-term increase in hydration levels. Using a mist will also amp your routine by bringing the steps together more cohesively and will encourage all products to work more effectively.

Halcyon Cleanser

We love a cleanser here at ABW HQ and this one is a joy to behold! A gentle PH balanced gel emulsion that provides the most heavenly experience. Named a ‘holy grail’ cleanser, this is a formulation brimming with nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. This will cleanse, refresh and balance the skin without stripping the skins natural moisture mantle. For the most superior results, we recommend using either as a morning cleanse or 2nd cleanse after removing makeup.

Ambrosia Beauty Nectar Serum

This all-encompassing serum is a complete must have for ageing skin. Many treatments of this kind often include some form of acid exfoliator or retinol, so this is ideal for those who do not respond well to either. It stimulates new cell development encouraging the production of collagen, targets moisture loss, addresses fatigued skin, and repairs and strengthens the skins barrier. As with all of Yuli products it is an investment but this is one which is ideal in place of a separate antioxidant serum, hydrator and anti-ageing serum. Particularly effective for dehydrated, mature skin but suitable for all skin types.