Californian Acai Bowl

Acai Bowl

Three words; We Are Obsessed!

Acai Bowls are another huge trend coming out of California. They are the perfect breakfast or post work out treat, packed with protein and antioxidants and taste AMAZING.

Amazonian acai berries are deep purple and totally packed full of antioxidants. The trend in California is to blend them frozen to create a super-powered sorbet, then top with fruit and granola. It will do all sorts of wonderful to your skin and it tastes so delicious it's hard not to get that sun in your hair, surf lapping at the Atlantic, wanna get your Lululemon on and workout, happy Californian feeling of well being.




Here's how to make it....

4 packs frozen Açaí berry puree (see below for where to buy it)
2 cups of coconut water
2 bananas
1 cup frozen strawberries
2 tbsp hemp protein powder


1 cup of granola
1 handful of strawberries
1 handful of blueberries
1 spoonful of pomegranate jewels
1/2 banana

Place all the base ingredients in a blender and pulse until thick and creamy. Pour the blend into two bowls, top with granola, berries and banana and serve immediately. Enjoy!

 ps. Acai puree can be a little hard to find. You can order it online here, or replace with frozen blueberries.