Huge this Spring/Summer is the Banana Bun. Originated in France this low slung, laid back chic look is perfect for Spring Days and Summer nights. Called the banana bun due to it's elongated shape. It's super easy to do, and looks great with everything. Here's how.

1. Add texture to the hair with a fine hairspray. Turn your head upside down and give hair a fine misting of hairspray from about 20cm to add texture and lift. We love Yarok Feed Your Hold. Flip head the right way up. 

2. Work some soft pomade styling cream across your palms, we use Yarok Feed Your Do, then gently work your hands through the hair from mid lengths to ends. This will help fight the frizz and give the hair some structure.

3. Divide your hair into three sections. Tie the back middle piece into a loose, low ponytail. Then take the right hand section over the pony tail and pin under the ponytail, then take the left hand section under and again pin it in place. This should give you your 'banana' structure. Grab a load of pins and secure in place.

4. There will be a fluffy bit of ponytail sticking out of the bottom, loosely pin this in place underneath the banana bun. it doesn't matter if a few strands are loose as this will look lovely.

5. Finally pull a few loose sections of hair down at the front to frame your face, fix with a spray of Yarok Feed Your Hold. And there you go Spring/Summer hair sorted. Beautiful.