Five best exfoliators



Autumn is the perfect time to reset, rebalance and renew skin. Exfoliation is key at this time of year, and there's something for everyone whether you have sensitive skin, acne prone skin or dry skin. The right exfoliator will reveal fresh new skin cells, reduce pore size and help skin adsorb everything else that you then apply. 

Here's our fave five exfoliators;


If you have sensitive skin. Avoid scrubs and go for a product which uses fruit acids to gently exfoliate the skin. We love the Flow Cosmetics Lingonberry Bright Powder Mask. Use it once a month, apply for just a short period of time at first to test your sensitivity levels. Gentle papaya and pineapple enzymes will remove dead skin cells, while Arctic Lingonberry and Strawberry extracts boost radiance leaving the skin gently refined and renewed.



Again stay away from facial scrubs. Look for products with glycolic or salicylic which will remove grime and penetrate oil to break down pore-clogging dead skin cells. The Indie Lee Clearing Mask has both glycolic and salicylic acid. It purifies clogged pores while also gently perfecting and refining the skin's surface.



Many people worry that exfoliating will dry out their skin. It can in fact be a build up of dead skin cells that prevents the full penetration of your moisturiser. It's best to use a gentle exfoliator, such as the Josh Rosebrook Active Enzyme Exfoliator. This honey based exfoliator is packed full of plant, herb and fruit enzymes to renew and clear the surface, then apply a nourishing moisturiser such as the Josh Rosebrook vital balm.



Normal skin can use an exfoliant with a little bit of texture. The Body Deli Bamboo Facial Polishing Powder is made with only Bamboo powder and Sodium Bicarbonate. This works to gently work away any excess on the skin, getting right down into pores without causing irritation, leaving you with lovely glowing skin.


When we're over the age of 35 (WHAT!) skin might develop some fine lines. Exfoliation can help reveal now skin and stimulate collagen production. It will also make any serums (the Ambrosia YULI is AMAZING!) work much more effectively. The Body Deli Micro-fusion Blueberry Scrub is really effective...don't think because it's natural it won't work...this little pot of magic is super strong - so please do a skin test before using. This powerful exfoliant with micro-polishing and high potency natural acids that effectively remove dull, dry and damaged skin cells. Skin is left brighter, fresher and amazingly smoother. It's like having a professional micro-dermabrasion treatment in the comfort of your own home.




There we have it. Something for everything. Try to work an exfoliation into your skincare routine once a week, couple with an amazing serum such as the YULI Ambrosia (due in stock very soon) and you'll see amazing results.