How to fake big hair

Top celebrity stylist Jason Collier, speak to SheerLuxe about how to give hair that lift as we head into the new season.....

Feeling a little flat? Nothing will give you a boost like thicker, fuller-looking hair. Big news for AW16 thanks to the likes of Zac Posen and Topshop Unique, it’s time to fake it ‘til you make it with these top tips from celebrity and session stylist Jason Collier...

First up, how can we make big hair look modern?

Big hair is a great look for the current season, but it’s important to play it cool with this style, so it looks fresh and modern – it can be too easy for this to descend into 1960s fancy-dress territory or 1980s power hair. I love using curling tongs to create loose movement and full body, as well as using backbrushing at the roots for some subtle lift. Just remember to go easy – you’re aiming for cool and casual, so keep it loose and use the lightest mist of hairspray so your hair still has plenty of movement. That swish is essential for the thick, full look we love so much.

Which products are needed? 

Product is key for creating fuller hair; personally I love to use texturising sprays to create the appearance of thicker locks. One of my favourites is the Josh Rosebrook LIFT Hair Texture & Volume Spray, which creates lots of volume, as well as a gorgeous matte finish – it’s a really modern way to do bigger hair. Just spray into damp hair and blow-dry with your head upside down for maximum lift. 

What styling hacks can we use?

Much of the volumised look is created when drying and styling the hair. For lifted roots and that luxurious look, it’s all in the blow-dry. You need a good-quality round brush, such as Goody’s Start Style Ceramic Round Brush, which heats up with the dryer and locks volume in at the roots. You also need a powerful dryer with several heat settings, such as the Glamoriser Ultra Dryer – just take big sections and dry the hair, pulling it away from your head in an upwards motion to create lots of volume.

What about classic backcombing?

Backcombing or backbrushing is a great way to create volume and body on even the flattest hair, but you need to go careful to prevent damaging your locks permanently. Use a specifically designed backcombing brush instead of a comb, as this will be gentler on your hair, plus it will hold the style better. I love Denman’s Dress-Out Brush for this. Section the hair into manageable portions and then gently but firmly push it back in one fluid movement for a uniform look with minimal stress on the locks. Work from the top of the hair down, and once you’ve achieved the right kind of height and shape, smooth over the top with your brush before spritzing with hairspray to hold.

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