6 Summer Skincare Tips

As we transition into summer there are various actions we can take to ensure our skin stays happy and healthy. As the season changes so does our skin. Many of us typically see an increase in oiliness, breakouts and congestion which can be difficult to manage. It is important we listen to our skin and adapt our routine to take into consideration any changes in our skin’s behaviour. We are sharing some tips that will see your skin through the summer months with as less stress as possible!


Go lighter with your skincare routine

Applying lightweight layers is key in summer when faced with humidity. Using thicker textures can feel overwhelming on the skin and may lead to clogged pores and breakouts. Think about swapping out creams for gels, lighter lotions and water-based formulas. We love The Body Deli Melon Foaming Cleanser which smells like summer and cleanses effectively without stripping the skin.

A great way to reduce your steps is combining your moisturiser and SPF together in one product. One of our favourites is Josh Rosebrook Nutrient Day Cream with SPF30 which is a multi-tasking marvel. Providing broad spectrum protection with a combination of antioxidants, plant oils and herbal actives in a lightweight formula. Suitable for all skin types, it leaves skin comfortable, absorbs excess oil and doesn’t leave any white cast.


Invest in antioxidants

Antioxidants are known for helping to repair and protect the skin from the effects of environmental damage, and that includes UV rays. Hence why during the summer months it’s extremely beneficial to ensure they are part of your skincare routine. Look for antioxidants such as Vitamin C, Green Tea and Vitamin E. They will work together with your SPF to defend skin and boost the effects of sunscreen to ensure you are getting maximum protection. We love Yuli Liquid Courage as it is incredibly potent with over 20 essential key actives and has incredible regenerative and protective properties. This is your one step serum, AM and PM. It provides skin with all the nutrients and antioxidants it needs to help repair itself and fight environmental damage.


Exfoliate gently

It is so tempting to increase the use of exfoliators when skin is feeling more congested as we want to achieve smooth, glowing skin. Whilst exfoliating is an important part of our routines it is crucial to go slow and steady. Oily skin will benefit from more exfoliation but doing this in a considered way will ensure skin remains happy and you get the results you desire. We love Josh Rosebrook Daily Acid Toner which uses a blend of unique acids to brighten and smooth the skin whilst increasing hydration levels. It also works to improve and slow down the effects of ageing on the skin.


Turn down the temperature dial

Hot water can dry out the skin and lead to it feeling stripped which can actually exacerbate oiliness. Keep shower sessions short and opt for lukewarm water to maintain optimum skin health.


Stay hydrated

This is an obvious one and whilst it’s important for our skin all year round it’s even more so in the summer. Aim for around 6-8 glasses a day, this will help keep skin plump and glowy plus it can also contribute to speeding up skin healing.


SPF every day

The most important step in any routine is SPF, especially in summer. Using a broad-spectrum sunscreen of SPF30 or higher to all areas where skin is exposed will ensure maximum protection. The areas we tend to forget about the most which often catch us out are ears, lips, shoulders, neck, feet and hands. So, make sure to remember those! Remember to re-apply every 2-3 hours if you are out in the sun all day.  We love Salt & Stone Non-Nano SPF50 lotion which is a Zinc Oxide formula that sits comfortably on the skin and is lightweight. It is also packed with hyaluronic acid, rosehip oil and avocado oil for extra hydration and protection.

For easy reapplication when out and about we love The Body Deli Sun Stick SPF30 which is handy for popping into your handbag, it can be used all over but is particularly great for lips.


Adapting your skin to the season doesn’t have to be complicated, but it’s not the time to neglect your skin. Focusing on sun and heat protection should be top of your list as well as maintaining a solid and consistent skincare routine. These will ensure you are on track for happy and healthy skin this summer!